Mauthe clock clock repair

I want to leave a video... CAN'T〜Yes(泣)

This is a MAUTHE clock made in Germany.
The mainspring in three places was also wound up and did not move ...
The type that moves with a balance, the movement is supple, but it stops immediately.

Remove the needle and remove the machine from the box, opening all three gears slightly〜
The basics are not so dirty, so easily clean and lubricate further.
Lubricate the Temp Gangi car.

Got moving.🤗
Numbers and melodies are okay✌

Recommend the Pearl thread sorting

It is a thread sort of Pearl's picks.
And I'm weak, and metal necklace with one hand holding the snotty is stretched or will made gap between Pearl and Pearl. Pearl more than 1 niche if there's recommended yarn refill or replace wire.

Pull wheel and Dharma Board replacement

Hi, here some days followed by the repair request is little guide.
This is a necklace of fittings and length adjustment. Necklace length 38 cm in length and too easy for customers from 50 cm to.→ Spring pull wheel bracket inside the glitches will be replaced.
The firm Kihei's Necklace as traditional hardware bigger lobsters type fittings.
Receiving the joy flat thin circle I would made easy-to-grasp plate Dharma Galtieri thickness because it was what had been soldered. Click here-only row, finished up.

V-shaped ring stone guard repair

Stone guard requests. Broken nails, took off the stone.Replace the broken nails and stone guard is. It is piccapica with a new finish.Four other diamonds loose nails, lean was so firmly, beautifully finished.

First post

Is the mending of the famous brands silver necklace. This is required with working with fire.
But brand since it's same repairs as-1800-